Water Damage, and Mold Removal, including Mold Detection, Testing, and Mold Treatment from Local Mold Removal Companies in Delray Beach, FL

Water Damage in Delray Beach, FLYour search is over if you have been trying to find a company that can provide mold testing and mold remediation in Delray Beach, Florida. We have over a dozen years of experience, and we are locally owned and operated, so we feel a close connection to members of this Palm Beach County community. In addition to the beautiful sandy coastline, there are many other attractions in town, including the Cason Cottage House Museum, the Sandoway Discovery Center, and the Silverball Museum.

Mold Removal and Mold Detection

It is certainly a great place to live, work, and play, but the moist, warm environment is a perfect breeding ground for mold. In some cases, mold can grow as a result of obvious, significant water damage. Under these circumstances, a black mold test should be conducted, and if this type of mold is detected, we can utilize state-of-the-art black mold removal techniques to eradicate the problem. We also provide restoration services that can include preventative measures to keep affected areas dry in the future.

In other instances, the existence of moisture that aids mold growth may not be detectable by the naked eye. This is where our Delray Beach, Florida mold testing technicians can enter the picture. We use high-tech mold detection equipment, including hydro sensors, moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and digital hydrometers to pinpoint the location of any mold that may exist in your home. If it is present, we implement our mold remediation process to decontaminate and restore the affected area or areas.

Mold Testing in Delray Beach, FL

Mold Testing and Mold Treatment

Our Delray Beach, Florida mold detection, water damage, and mold removal technicians are highly trained, licensed and certified professionals that take what they do very seriously. They are equipped with cutting-edge mold remediation equipment and highly effective and environmentally safe fungicides, and the restoration work that they do is impeccable.

Plus, we provide swift responses to service calls, because problems can grow worse minute by minute. If you would like some corroboration, take a look at our testimonials page and you’ll see what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our mold testing and black mold removal services.

Mold Removal Companies in Delray Beach, FL

Simply put, from City Center to Tropic Isle to the Jog Road/Tropical Way neighborhood, for mold testing and mold treatment in Delray Beach, Florida, Accelerated Remediation is the only logical choice. Whenever you need a mold remediation company you can truly trust, give us a call at 866-591-6653.