Black Mold Removal in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Parkland, Pompano Beach & Surrounding Areas

Black Mold Removal in FloridaCall in the professionals when it’s black mold!

Because of its toxicity to humans, Accelerated Remediation follows the recommendations of both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for black mold removal – it should only be done by professional mold removal companies! In Boca Raton, Parkland, Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Highland Beach, and all South Florida, Accelerated Remediation is your black mold removal expert.

Black Mold Removal

Mold removal is a common necessity in our humid, tropical climate, and we provide mold testing, including a black mold test, and mold inspection for buildings already receiving mold treatment and mold remediation. It’s not uncommon after water damage for positive mold detection – we’re here to help! It’s our passion to provide peace of mind to South Floridians concerned about the health risks associate with black mold. The professional mold remediation and mitigation services offered by Accelerated Remediation are safe, effective, and affordable – contact us today for the long‑term health of your building’s inhabitants, residential or commercial.

Mold Treatment and Mold Removal

Ideally, black mold removal should be accomplished before symptoms like skin rash, nausea, mucous membrane irritation and others begin to cause issues for your family, pets or others who could come into contact with hidden mold in your home or place of business. If you suspect you may need professional black mold removal, contact Accelerated Remediation as soon as possible. Here’s what you can expect:

  • We’ll perform extensive mold testing to determine whether you need treatment;
  • Once unprotected areas are covered and the mold outbreak is isolated, the contaminated surfaces are cleaned by hand using proven methods and products;
  • We deny mold spores their food source, preventing future colonies from developing, backed by warranty;
  • We’ll keep you informed every step of the way – no surprises!

Black Mold Test and Removal

At Accelerated Remediation, we value your peace of mind – we’ll walk you through every step of improving the safety of your home or business so you fully understand our process and why it’s important. We want your building to be as worry-free as it is mold-free when we’ve done our work as the mold, inspection, testing, and removal experts in Florida. Contact us today for more information on mold inspections for your property.

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